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What is KestrelHPC?

KestrelHPC is a set of tools which help setting up a diskless Beowulf cluster.

This project was born in answer to the need for having a cluster without having to pay a considerable amount of money. The first version of KestrelHPC was strongly based on PelicanHPC and the owner of the project, Michael Creel, was a really important asset to the project. In the second version, KestrelHPC's code was rewritten from scratch and now, KestrelHPC has become an installable deb package.


Recent News

Important news about KestrelHPC's releases and other related material.

2010-02-15 : KestrelHPC 2.0 released

After months of work we finally publish a new stable version.

Best wishes,

KestrelHPC dev. Team

2010-11-26 : Packages uploaded to LaunchPad server

Finally, the second version of KestrelHPC is released. We have upload 2 packages to our LaunchPad server. The installation process and all the related information can be found in the documentation section

Last but no least, this version is still in development, it is functional, but is a BETA version, so during this weeks, many changes will be made until a stable version is published.

Best wishes,

KestrelHPC dev. Team

2010-11-08 : New Mailing lists

We have created two new mailing lists :

2010-11-08 : New Website

As part of the changes comming to the KestrelHPC project, we have created a new website.

KestrelHPC dev. team

2010-10-27 : Version 2 of KestrelHPC

The first approach of the new version of KestrelHPC is been submitted to the SVN server. This first version is not yet fully functional but is close to be stable and usable, so stay alert to check the development of KestrelHPC.

With the version 2 of KestrelHPC we will publish a deb package in a launchpad created for KestrelHPC.

2010-09-06 : The new era of KestrelHPC

A new Era for KestrelHPC is coming close. In the past months we, the development team, have been discussing about KestrelHPC's flaws and have decided to renew and reimplement KestrelHPC.

In this new reimplementation, KestrelHPC will no longer be an installation script, but a debian package which will be installed as a normal Debian package. This change will carry a creation of a LaunchPad server, so that it will be accesible to Ubuntu users.

Apart from other technical changes, that will be documented in due time, some of the PelicanHPC new features are being added, as well as support for other parallel languages.

All this changes are being done in order to have a stable system and also more open and modifiable than the previous one, having in mind different applications to monitor and handle the clusters resources in a 1-click fashion.

This is all, at the end of this month or the beginning of October this major release will be done.

22 April of 2010: A new version of KestrelHPC is launched.

This version fixes some errors in the installation script and changes the way of the image of the nodes are made.